Last rites

Perhaps not so drastic as that. But I’m pretty sure that despite the delicious food in Japan, there are some things I’ll be missing from produce producing, ethnically diverse California.

In the past couple weeks, there’s been a disproportionate amount of Japan-unobtainable junk food going into my system.

  • In ‘n Out (grilled onion cheeseburger! makes me feel warm like LA sun.)
  • Falafel wraps
  • Pintxo’s honey biscuit scone things
  • Deep dish pizza
  • Burritos
  • Tartine
  • Taiwanese breakfast food
Really, no one does quality junk food like America.
I’ve also been savoring all the fruit and the variety of green things to munch on.  If I recall right, good fruit will be both extortion-level-expensive and two weeks old FROM California.
Alas, farmer’s markets and open space, I’ll miss ya.  Off to fish markets and subway malls!
(sidenote: I’m writing this from SFO. Interesting demographic on this (sadly looking to be packed) flight – a lot of middle aged white females with medium length dirty blond hair, wearing conference tags. Why would you wear a conference nametag TO the airport?  Solidarity? And then the Japanes people, of course. Looks like senior citizens and a smattering of hip vacationer types; not a business-heavy flight. Then again, I’m on business, and I probably look like a vacationer.)

Work break

Blobs from omnigraffle

Look! Isn’t it pretty?

This is what I made at work today.

I think someone should make this into a hideous plastic purse. I guess I’m missing a bunch of monograms and colored alphabet soup, but I can throw those in too…

Okay. So that’s 27 of 38. 11 more to go!