Soo….while in Japan, I missed California produce and vowed to cook more upon my return.

Today felt rather springy, and as is te pattern tyese days, I had some veggies to use up!

This meant that I made green garlic + potato soup (seasoned with parsley-like carrot tops and cumin), and a giant salad. Like, there are salads, and then there are salads. This dude had pickled watermelon radish, unflavored bread cubes (dry, but not toasted), butter lettuce, purple (not red, purple) cabbage, grape tomatoes, and avocado. Drizzled on some olive oil, ground some pepper, sprinkled some salt, and that was that.

What’s that? Oh. The things that look like bacon bits in the picture. Yes, to offset the healthy quotient I nuked me some bacon and bitted it, also, ripped up some crumbles of Brie. (Hi Mom.)

:) tasty.

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  1. Hey, glad to see you are getting creative with salad concoctions.
    You know how I love to throw everything into salads. Just hold back on those bacon bits(haha). Have fun!

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