Scritch scritch



I went foraging this fine spring Saturday (in my garage) and hit a motherlode of kitchen stuff. Since getting back, I’ve been longing to see my microplane grater again. I distinctly remember NOT having given that fine fellow away, and yet it’s taken nearly half a year for me to unearth it.

And along with it, some teas, spatulae, forks, spoons, measuring cups….
They were, most logically, piled in a Banana Republic paper bag, in a box with a plastic boomerang, motorcycle books, and stuffed animals. Of course.

Alas, some of these utensils I’d replaced and given up for lost. Knowing me…redundancy is probably safer anyhow.

But on to more pressing matters. I have a lemon, and now I have an awesome zester again! What to do, what to do…

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  1. lemon panna cotta? :D or honey lemon tea…

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